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February 3, 2008
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Preview 2.1 The Secret Legend:
I found a book, I pulled it out and dusted the cover and saw it was a journal written in Zoran so I was able to read it in fact for some reason it seemed familiar. I opened it to a random page and saw a sketch of the Portal I read the entry next to it.

[Day 8 of the new world
It was amazing we had finally got the spell to work, We created something that can allow us to travel between places we have never seen Kaje the Deku I had become close friends with had tested it first along with Rander the supposed leader of our group. He always told us what to do me and Darjon didn’t really care he always said we are useless and made us do the boring stuff, if I wasn’t so nice I would tell Synara he has a crush on her. He always acts tough around her, she doesn’t care about him and says love is weak and she would hurt any man who claimed to love her.

Preview 2.2 The Forest part 1
Me and Iuza were walking along the trail that seemed to lead to the temple but something was wrong, it felt like we were going in circles then we realized we were lost and somewhere we had never been, I wasn’t surprised I was somewhere new but Iuza spent most of his life here, so I thought he would know how to get through,

a series of strange events happened, first areas of the trail become over grown with plants that just seemed odd, then plants seemed to attack us,  suddenly a strange looking creature jumped down out of the trees it was in the shape of a male Zora but covered in long bandage like plants on it’s chest it had what looked like the Shiekah symbol it had two leaves on it’s back that looked like wings, on each arm was a vine but one had what looked like a large thorn tied to it.

Preview 2.3 The Forest part 2
I was not on the forest path anymore this part must have been deep into the forest since it was dark, I heard a creaking noise coming from not to far away, I tried to move my arms but they were tied with strong vines, most of my energy powers were now useless, I had read about one but never tried it. All I needed to do was focus calm energy into my eyes and it would allow me to see in the dark, this was the perfect time to try it, I thought calm thoughts and started focusing and suddenly I could see better than ever, though it all had a blue tint it was still amazing.

End of Previews
I am trying to leave out spoilers but if you want to hunt for them this is highly unedited from the story so feel free to look for info.
I felt like giving a better preview this time.
TamakaroMakezai Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2008   Writer
can't wait for you to write it. ^_^
Akhrrana Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
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