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February 3, 2008
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Chapter 6: The Forest

I walked passed the store with the bird and heard a rustle from above, looked up and saw something so I jumped and turned my legs  partially to energy so it improved my jump and I landed near where the noise was from, it was a Yirro he looked like any Zora but instead of blue, he was green, and his eyes where also green, he looked kinda scared but curious, he was probably confused by how I look, I said, "don't worry I am not gonna hurt you or anything"  he said, "don't people think you are a strange color for a Xiagi_ke_ei_Zohrra"

"Xiagi_ke_ei_Zohrra? I am not a Xiagi_ke_ei_Zohrra whatever that is, I am a Zora"

"Well you look like me except your legs are strange and you have a weird shape on your tail"

"These are not my legs they are called pants I wear them over my legs, and this is a spot I thought all Zora had them"

"Wow so you must be from outside the forest then"

"Yes, wait have you ever left the forest?"

"Sadly no, I usually I come here and watch the people from the outside pass every now and then, but this time... Wait I can't tell you about that,"  his face turned from sad to a kind of suspicious look

"Well what are the chances... Wait what are you hiding from me"

"Trust me you won't understand if I told you"

"Then prove it"

"Ok ok you win, me and my sister were exploring when we got split up, I came here to look for her but so far everywhere I've been has been a dead end"

"Man, that is not good, maybe I should help you"

"Ok I guess, just don't say anything offensive or else"

"Ok don't worry," I said as I followed the Zora.

We walked around many places in the forest I said, "Hmm I never asked your name, mine is Zohrra" He smiled and said, "The name's Iuza, nice to meet you." Suddenly there was a rustle sound from a bush I went closer, then slowly I bet down and moved some branches and saw the shape of a Zora only it looked a little different Iuza came and said, "Hey thanks Zohrra, you found my sister" I replied with a smile, "Glad to help, so what’s her na..." the Zora in the bush leaped at me knocking me to the ground and said, "hrra I'm Sharky who are you!"

I replied, "Zohrra"

Iuza said, "Hey sis be polite and thank the kind person for helping me find you"

"Thanks for helping my little bro" she said with a big smile showing a lot of razor sharp teeth, she was grey with dark stripes she had sharp claws on her hands and feet, her eyes were kinda redish/yellowish/orangish under her eyes were two dark areas like most Zoras she had a tail but she had this extra tail above it and finally she had this fin on her back that looked like the ones sharks have "Why are you staring at me?" she asked "um... err, it's just... I've never seen a Zora like you before" I answered

"Oh yeah the people that don't like me and Iuza stare at me.... you aren't like those people, are you?" she asked

"No I'm kind I won't judge by looks anyway, you two are interesting," I replied smiling

"Glad to hear that. Oh just to warn you Sharky can be pretty wild at times, such as for example; when meeting a new person" Iuza said watching me and Sharky

"Yeah I noticed hehehe," I said while Sharky was still on me from the pounce

"hey sis, maybe he could stay with us," said Iuza

"I would like that," I said with a smile.

Suddenly there was a slight thud from behind me, Iuza and Sharky, she got up and looked I did the same and saw what looked like a forest Zora with long thin leaves wrapped around him, wing like leaves on his back, a leaf covering his face, and vines wrapped around both arms one held a huge thorn to one arm he said, "Hey Iuza, I see you found another freak to hang around with, though this one is more normal than that beast you call your sister" this made all three of us a bit angry Iuza grabbed a stick and said, "call my sister a beast again and you will need that leaf on your face, and if you aren't careful the Xiagi_ke_ei_Yarri will come and help me stop you hurting us"

"Oh look the one who arms himself acuses the visitor of attacking, anyway your Xiagi_ke_ei_Yarri  won't come to help you, I'm higher than them I told them to leave this area for me to watch," said the new Zora

"I find that hard to believe Kuyeuba, don't think that mask stops me from recognizing you, your voice is all I need to remember you, you are one of the people who never left me and my sister alone," Iuza replied

"Maybe this will prove what I say," said Kuyeuba as he aim a fist towards Iuza's stick and opened his hand, suddenly the started growing branches, leaves and roots and became a big tree the roots went into the ground and it pulled itself up straight while Iuza was still holding it

"IUZA LET GO!" I yelled

"I wish I could my hands are stuck under the bark," he replied

"Hold on I have a plan to get you out," I said as my left had sparked with energy that covered my body turning me into pure electricity, I flew up to Iuza and focused on turning my right hand back to normal and held it out Iuza grabbed it and I let myself change back to energy again, it also changed Iuza which allowed me to pull him out of the tree, I brought him to the ground and dropped him which turned him back to normal and I said, "If you are gonna hurt my friendzz you zzhould leave now, I have more power than you, I could dezztroy you right now if I was heartlezzz, you are lucky I'm a believer in zzecond chancezz so if you leave uzz alone you won't be hurt"

"So you are as much a freak as that thing Iuza calls his sister," said the one I now call enemy

"LEAVE NOW! If you don’t I zzhall regret what I'm going to do to you" I said now growing impatient with Kuyeuba

"You can't hurt me, if you did the forest will turn against you," he replied

"I warned you, now I will make you leave," I said as I focused a blast of energy at him then released, it didn't kill him but he was badly hurt "now you've done it freak, you will be hunted out of here," Kuyeuba  said as he went unconscious "wait.... this means the rumors of the Hrrana_Xiagi_ke_ei_Yarri are true...." Iuza said with a shocked and scared look on his face, he looked around and said, "We have to get out of here they know you attacked that guy, even if he was going to attack us, quick Zohrra you can help, do that thing you did to me again but do it to Sharky as well" I nodded and forced my hands to normal, I then grabbed Iuza and Sharky and turned to into energy and flew them out of the forest well I tried, but from everything that happened I was getting tired I landed in a clearing near the edge of the forest "sorry we will have to stop," I said as I landed and returned to normal "it's ok you saved us," said Iuza "wait I remember seeing a place I could rest as we flew over, there is a spring over there, I heard it can heal," I said pointing towards the area of the spring.

Chapter 7: Homeless in Hyrule

Iuza and Sharky helped me get to the spring, I just rested in the water, it felt nice and I started feeling stronger, I got up, cupped my hands to lift some water to drink, the water tasted sweet.

I got up and saw a wooden bridge and knew it lead to Faron woods and Hyrule field. I suddenly remembered my job so we headed to town and just got there as the market was starting to close for the night, I saw the stall I worked at, it was still open so I ran to it, I was about to tell him I didn’t have anything for him yet but I looked at my wrist and noticed my watch, I thought at first that giving something more advance would be bad, but then I thought, “if I short it out then it won’t be advance” so I took my watch off and gave it a jolt strong enough to kill the power and gave it to the guy at the stall and said, “this is a bracelet from a far away land, and it is hard to get there” all of that was technically true he was happy to have something rare and hard to get so he gave me two red rupees and decided to sell it for 70 rupees but it was too late to sell anything until tomorrow since the only people walking by now were going home. I just realized something, what I did meant Sharky and Iuza wouldn’t be able to go home. I kept thinking of possible places to stay, then I suddenly remembered the bar, Telma seemed nice in the game maybe she would give us a place to stay the night so I lead the way, we reached the door and I tried to open it, but it was locked, Iuza saw a note that said:

Sorry but because this area is getting attacked by more and more monsters this bar is closing at night, sorry for the inconvenience it’s for the safety of the bar.

It started to get cold, at first I didn’t notice it but I saw Sharky and Iuza shivering, then I remembered the secret entrance “there is a secret entrance up there,” I said as I pointed to the slightly open area. “Sharky, can you climb up there and open the entrance for us” I said she nodded and dug her claws into the wall once she reached the entrance she opened it and climbed in, I jumped in using my powers to boost my jump height just enough to reach, Iuza just used a regular jump. We snuck in after closing the door and it was still warm inside, in fact if it wasn’t locked I wouldn’t believe it was closed everything was like it would be when open including the fact that Telma was still there, I tried to see if anything was going on but got to close to the edge and knocked a pot that shattered on the floor. Telma noticed the crash and looked up to see me and said “get down, what do you think you are doing sneaking into my bar!” I listened and jumped down and explained everything from meeting my new friends to being one of three homeless Zoras, she was understanding she would let us stay but only two because monsters keep coming  to the bar she wanted someone to stand guard for the night, I said “it’s my fault my friends can’t go home, I need to make it up to them let them sleep here I will guard the place for the night” she gave me the key to the bar and said, “unlock the door at sunrise” I nodded.

I  went outside and she was telling the truth, there was a monster coming the moment I left the bar a monster was there coming towards the place, I stored the key one of my pockets and prepared for a fight, but I was very surprised at the next thing that happened the monster didn’t attack instead it said, “no fight, I run from danger outside, I hear bar safe place, please let me in” I just stared, I mean it had it’s weapon and everything but it was asking for help, I said, “sorry but the owner said I had to keep monsters away it’s dangerous here you never know when a knight will patrol around here”

“But shadow kill others, it look like you but also not like you, it have powers, we not evil we only hurt people because master Ganondorf said he would kill us if we don’t”

“So you only wanted to live?”

“Yes we weak, we not able to do anything without a master some try, I one of the ones who left king”

“Could you explain about this shadow that is killing your people please?”

“Shadow look like Zora but not like Zora, it come after anything that move, it turn them into shadow then into nothing, it say it not hurt friends, but it hurt my friends”

“Man I think I should help you since that would mean I won’t have to guard the bar anymore, but only on one condition”

“What that Mr. Zora?”

“You have to tell everyone to not try and hide here in this town”

“You have deal” said the monster as he walked away “you follow I show you shadow,” it said so I followed.

Chapter 8: Horrah joins

“It there” said the monster pointing at a strange shape seeming to slide around the field. I ran to it forming a sword out of Electricity, I was about to attack when the creature fell to the ground, I looked for a second and heard a voice from it saying, “no! get away from me, it will take you, RUN!” I was confused and asked “what will take me?” just as I said that my question was answered the creature seemed to grab me it’s grip was painful, it felt like it had reached through my skin all the way to my bone, I screamed then the pain was gone the creature was still on the floor but something was different it got up and started crying and said, “why did I have to be so helpful and have this luck, WHY, WHY, WHY!!”

“Are you ok?” I asked

“No, I let it take you, that’s another thing I can add to my list of ruined lives” the creature said bitterly

“Do you have a name?” I asked hoping to get a happier reply

“Um... I’m not even sure if I deserve to have a name anymore, now that I am truly cursed,” said the shadow being still with saddened anger in it’s voice

“It would make talking to you easier if I can call you by a name though,” I said

“Ok, ok you can call me Horrah, my name never made sense to me until I became this because now I am truly darkness,” said Horrah

“Ok Horrah why are you acting like this?” I asked getting a little fed up

“Why should I tell you!? You are going to just end up like me anyway,” Horrah said still with anger

“Huh, why will I end up like you?”

“It made me hold you so it can take you over, it knows your power, it likes it more than me,” Horrah said now starting to sound calm

“Wait, I’m going to turn into a shadow creature and hurt innocent people,” I said now beginning to worry

“Yes, it will slowly corrupt your mind and consume your body until you are not even alive any more it will then find a new host and just continue,”

“I will fight it,” I said trying to reassure myself

“That’s impossible,” Horrah said with a sad voice

“Well I guess you should hide for now Horrah,” I said starting to lose hope

“Wait, you haven’t even told me your name, you look kind I will stay with you and try to help,” Horrah said finally sounding a little happy

“My name is Zohrra,” I said as Horrah came close and did something to the floor, I looked down and saw my shadow vanish, “it would look weird if you had two shadows, I will return it when it’s safer for both of us,” said Horrah as he sank into the ground and my shadow seemed to return. “Horrah? Are you there?” I asked looking around “I’ve become your shadow until we are safer” he replied I looked and saw the sun was starting to rise, I had to hurry back to the bar before I was late, I ran and made it just on time, people were on the way to the bar I opened the door just before they got to it Sharky and Iuza were awake already Sharky ran up to me and hugged me and said, “Thanks for letting me and my brother sleep here while you stayed out there to protect us”  Iuza joined the hug and said, “You did a good job Zohrra, even though we are homeless, if you didn’t make us homeless that guy in the forest would have probably killed me and sis” I knew I was home now, even though me, Iuza and Sharky are all now homeless Zoras in Hyrule I knew this was now my home “we should get to know each other hehehe,” I said as I sat at a table, Sharky and Iuza did the same.

We talked about a lot of stuff everything from favorite things to answering what if questions I kept a lot of my stuff from them, since well they would just get confused if I told them about my previous 16 years on Earth. When I looked at Sharky I noticed she was staring at me, but with a look in her eyes that she had not looked at me with before we had become fast friends a part of me said she probably wanted to go further, but my logic and common sense said that couldn’t be, she is an adult I’m still a kid, we had met only recently and many other reasons that told me it was probably just my mind playing tricks with me.

Chapter 9: 67%

It had been a few weeks since Dr. Zachary’s accident now, he was more robot than man. He were working on two things, the main project was a cure for Dr. Zachary and the other thing was something to stabilize me it was a glove or gauntlet that would hold my energy until I choose to use it, I couldn’t wait for it to be finished it would be so useful.  Anyway now, on to the more recent stuff. Dr. Zachary is worried he will die soon he is 60% machine now, his scans say that the next percentage jump will make it reach 67% and there is a 65% chance it will change half of his heart or an 35% chance it will change his whole heart.

“Doctor, will you be ok?” I asked worried

“Don’t worry Zohrra, I haven’t been killed by a lab accident ever before, if I was would I be here,” he replied

“Ok… If you’re sure…” I replied still worried and I went to my room for a bit, I just lay on my bed, I fell asleep without realizing

The next day I woke up to hear noises outside my room, I stepped out to see Dr. Zachary he looked slightly different. “Hey doc, did it affect your heart?” I asked

“Yes it did, I am now changing faster since the machine is uses my heart to take my body faster” He said

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I asked hoping it was good

“Well it’s a mixed thing, the bad part is I won’t be human again ever if this transformation becomes complete. But there is a good side to it, the robotics is more advance than anything I’ve ever seen in my life, I think it’s because it has something no other machine has…” he said and paused

“And what’s that?” I asked

“A natural component, as in me. It’s turning me into the most natural machine to ever exist, it’s upgrading me,” he said with a smile

“That’s pretty cool, well I best head to Hyrule before anyone tries to find me and gets into any danger because of me…… again,” I said as I activated the portal and went to Hyrule and ended up in the Temple of Time like always, I made my usual way to the field and met up with Sharky and Iuza. We were looking for a place we could live, but so far nothing was good enough to live in everything was to far from the water or not safe enough to live in.

Chapter 10: Zoras in love?

As the days passed I kept noticing Sharky look at me like that time more, and I realized I was staring at her too, I will tell you more a little later but right now I have other news, we were still homeless, staying wherever we could at night, I had been forgetting to give stuff to my boss, but I was his only employee so he wouldn’t fire me plus he is to kind to just fire me on the spot anyway. Now the biggest news, Horrah was still around staying as my shadow, I think that night he first grabbed me is effecting me weirdly, I have dreams where I attack Sharky and Iuza and even destroy places on Earth and in Hyrule like cities and towns, but I’m always using powers I don’t have, I never used my energy powers in the dreams always these strange dark powers.

Anyway back to me and Sharky hehehe, one day we were just sitting outside a cave we found in the fields of Hyrule we had known each about a month and two weeks  now, and we were alone, I got a strange urge now I wanted to tell Sharky my past, about Earth and that I wasn’t always Zohrra so I said, “Sharky, ...... I don’t know how to say this but, well I have never told you my past”

“What’s up Zohrra?” Sharky said calmly (a rare thing from someone so wild and fun hehehe)

“Well, I never hatched from an egg, or even existed in the tadpole stage....” I said kinda worrying if this was a smart move

“.... How is that possible, you are a Zora, Zoras all hatch from eggs,” she said sounding confused

“Well I was a part of this race known as Humans they are like Hylians only with round ears and they live in a far away world,” I explained

“But how are you a Zora?” she asked

“I don’t know, one day I just changed and one thing lead to another and now I’m here,” I said hoping she understood

“......... So you are not from here at all,” she said sounding a little confused

“No, but ... I have something else I have to tell you,” I said now thinking this was a bad move

“Hmm ok what else is there?” she said seeming to read my mind judging by the way she blushed after asking that question

“Well we have been friends for a while now”


“And well....” I looked down and starting to automatically hold back “....well I, I think I love you” I said as a tear ran down my face, Sharky fell over from the shock I said, “I knew I should have held back,” I said “no... it’s not that, I was just surprised, the truth is..... well I feel the same way,” she replied and got up and hugged me, this was one of the best moments of my life I was so happy about what happened to me.
Suddenly things went from amazingly good, to terrible. Kuyeuba had found where we had gone he said, “I see the freaks are together now” I said, “what are you doing here, according to Iuza you aren’t supposed to ever leave the forest”

“Well I did, they found out what I did and I ran, now I am going to destroy you for ruining my life,” he said with anger and made a root come out of the ground it shoot at me and Sharky. It missed me but wrapped tightly around Sharky “NO!!!” I yelled I got very angry, I held my left hand ready to transform but I couldn’t, I looked at my left hand, it had turned black and had dark glow to it, “Ha the freak can’t use his powers anymore,” said Kuyeuba “I WILL MAKE YOU SORRY!” I yelled remembering the dreams I was about to attack him with the darkness, when suddenly I felt something grab me. It was Horrah he said, “no, don’t use the powers. I did and look what they did to me” I nodded and used my other hand to shoot the enemy which made him release the root and drop Sharky.
as the title says 6-10 I think I may have over hyped this part with my drawing...

P.S. :iconakhrrana: gave my permission to use Sharky so I am not doing anything like theft here.
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