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February 3, 2008
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Chapter 11: The Darkness

Horrah was still standing when she saw me and him, she was confused she asked, “what is that thing and why is your hand like it?” I was about to reply when Horrah grabbed her with one hand and pulled us into the ground. Next thing I knew we were inside the cave “Zohrra, you can’t use the new powers, they will give it strength and it will take control of you. If it is strong enough you will hurt Sharky, I know what you have been doing with her and that you two are now a couple. Anyway this power is dangerous, let me tell you why I am lucky to be here to warn you...”

[It started back when I was 14 I  was to kind for my own good, I tried to help everyone but I was bad at it. No one liked me helping around Zora’s Domain, so I left to help other people in Hyrule, in the field I saw someone fall to the ground in pain, I ran to them and I saw a shadowy Hylian shape on the ground, he looked about 97 but he was only about 36, he said, “No, you are still young, you don’t deserve to have this cur...” he cut out with a scream, I ran to help him and he just lost his hold on life, a strange shadow lifted off his body and flew at me. I looked at the poor mans body, it f
ell apart into dust, then I heard a voice in my mind it said, “I know you want to be a hero and help everyone, I can give you powers beyond your wildest dreams, you just have to let me give them to you” I was to young to think about the consequences, I let it share it’s powers at the hidden cost of myself. At first I was a great help, I could spit seeds out of my mouth as if I was a Deku Scrub, I could also fight like a powerful Hylian knight, the most powerful ability this voice gave me was, the power of shadow. It’s really a poison, it corrupts the user. Changing them slowly from who they are, into a creature of the shadows, into what I am. But there is one thing that I hate more than anything, the voice became my own and made me hurt the ones I love the most, my very few friends and my family. I...I... I killed them]

“That’s all I can tell you right now, you have amazing powers now but if you use them you lose yourself, and you may not be this lucky,” Horrah said looking and sounding sad. Then I heard the voice, and I saw a Zora but the strange thing was, it looked like me, no it was me. Except pure black with a glow like on my hand, it was scary and naturally I attacked it. But I usually use my left hand and because of that reflex I did just that and instead of my usual energy attacks I sent out one of the darkness attacks Horrah mentioned, and the ‘Dark Zohrra’ vanished but also more of my arm turned black.
“Zohrra, what are you doing, I told you not to use those powers. Now it has actually started moving, it will continue on it’s own. You can only slow it down, whenever you use the powers it will speed up, but it is slowly consuming you right now,” Horrah said sounding kind of angry. “I’m sorry, I thought I saw something about to attack me, it was a reflex,” I said defensively

“A reflex you will regret, and you shouldn’t get to angry. It feeds off anger and pain,” Horrah replied

“Ok, ok just stop telling me all of this please,” I replied trying to hold my anger back

“Ok I can see it’s not helping sorry,” Horrah said with a sorry sounding voice

“Please tell me Fishy will be ok,” Sharky said after just listening for a while

“Well he may be lucky but, I won’t lie. His chances of surviving this aren’t that high,” Horrah said sounding really sad and a little guilty. This got to me, I had just made a huge step with Sharky and now I’m going to turn evil and slowly die. I fell to the ground and started crying “Why did this have to happen, I should have just stayed hidden at the bar. This is my fault for trying to spy on Telma, why did I have to do something so stupid,” I yelled as I cried. Sharky hugged me and said, “There is a chance you will survive, you being here was almost impossible. That has to mean something.”

Iuza came into the cave and was confused he said, “uh... what is happening here?”

“Fishy is in danger,” Sharky said through her tears, all of this was to much for me to take, I felt the way I do when my energy powers go crazy, but no buzz this time. I still ran out of the cave.

Chapter 12: Dark Zohrra is Born.

The guy from the forest was gone now, but I felt the way I did just before an explosion of energy. I was expecting the usual energy blast, but instead I saw the darkness on my arm spread, it was taking over my body in the same way my body changes when I become energy but it was my body turning into an evil beast this time.

“So Mr. Hero, not so strong are we?” said a voice that sounded like mine but at the same time like someone else’s

“WHO ARE YOU!?” I yelled,

“I am your past, your present and future. I am the face you see every time you see your reflection. I am what you want to hate but can’t. I am your undefeatable enemy. I am...” the voice was saying until I interrupted saying, “SHUT UP AND GET TO THE POINT!” “ok, ok I am Dark Zohrra, as in I am the deep desire you have to hurt others, your dark side,” said Dark Zohrra as he continued to change my body into his own with the darkness.

After a few seconds I passed out, next thing I know I woke up and looked around, it was a place I never saw before, but seemed very familiar. I tried to get up but realized I wasn’t on the ground, somehow I woke up in energy form I was about to look around when I heard a yell, “NO FISHY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, PLEASE YOU LOVE ME WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT ME!” the voice was Sharky’s but she was not anywhere near by. Next thing I know I’m right in front of her she is on the floor crying with fear and Iuza is staring at me with an hateful look of pure anger, I realized what was going on at that point. Dark Zohrra had gained control of me, I only had one thought which was to run so I did, I ran out of the cave and straight to Lake Hylia, it was huge and easy to get into but hard to get out.

I reached the lake faster than I thought it would take, I could feel Dark Zohrra forcing his way back in control. I didn’t think I just climbed over a fence and let myself fall, if I die it will save everyone from me. On the way down I started to see everything fade, I thought I would die but I didn’t.

I knew I landed in the water because Dark Zohrra was back in control, I looked around, the physical version of my mind was very dark and empty. It wasn’t my mind anymore, it was his, he changed it to suit himself. I looked around for a bit and found a strange black shape cutting into the landscape and I head Dark Zohrra say, “so you found me did you? No matter, I wanted to destroy your heart then your body, I would just absorb you now if I could, but your form is to complicated. How do you even change your body from a physical shape into pure electricity, it defies all kinds of laws of physics, you shouldn’t be able to survive like that”

“Um yeah... don’t you realize what else in thizz world makes no zzenzze? Don’t anzzwer zzince I can tell you, the fact you are able to take my body uzzing an evil zzhadow of unknown originzz” I replied

“Well who cares what you have to say, if I can’t control you I will destroy you,” he said as he revealed what looked like my regular body but covered in darkness. “What are you doing with my body you monzzter!” I yelled

“Your body! You think this puppet is your body, HA it’s only good as a puppet,” said Dark Zohrra as a rope like Shadow lifted the other me’s arm and attacked me with darkness, it hit me and it hurt a lot, I had one choice now, I had  to fight myself and win. I flew up to fight and sent an strong blast of energy at it, but Dark Zohrra countered this with an equally strong blast of darkness. The fight went on for ages but seemed to go no where, he is me so he knows all my moves, I needed even just one new move if I wanted to win, then I had an idea. It’s a shadow with no solid object to form it, so light should remove it so I focused hard and used my electrical abilities to create a light, it worked. “Gah, how are you able to do that. I know you to well to not know about this move!” Dark Zohrra said starting to worry

“Zzimple I know you know all my movezz, zzo I made a new one. That zzhadowzz with nothing to hold them can’t zzurvive againzzt. A move made from pure light, thizz izz your biggezzt weaknezzzz. Azz they zzometimezz zzay where I’m from, you have no chance to zzurvive make your time,” I said with a smile as the shadow faded into light I saw my body fall to the floor weak, it was probably my only way back. “Zzo thizz izz my mind when I’m not pure evil, I guezzzz I zzhould return to the real world now,” I said to myself as I grabbed my body and pulled it towards myself.

Chapter 13: A normal life?

I woke up back in Hyrule in my normal form, I looked at my hand, it was still covered in darkness, the sun was setting. I lifted my hand in front of me and the light from the sun removed the darkness, something told me I had only won a battle in a war against that creature. I decided think about what I had just regained, all that ability I had before the darkness. My energy form, that amazing thing that happened when I was struck by lightning, I decided to use my unique powers for something I’ve never used I’ve not used them for, The freedom of flight for fun.

Without realizing I was being watched, well until she yelled out, “COOL!”

I replied with, “huh, who izz there?”

“my name is Akina, and what is yours?” Akina asked

“I am called Zohrra, why were you watching me by the way?” I asked

“Well it’s not every day I get a chance to see such an amazing Zora, plus such a cute one” she said

“What’zz that zzuppozzed to mean exactly?” I asked a little annoyed

“Well… I’m thinking… maybe I could be your love…” she said

“Zzorry to zzay thizz but I am taken already,” I replied really annoyed

“Well then break up with her, I’m not called Akina for the fun of having such a fun name. Just take a good look at me and you will see where my name came from,” she said

I then said, “I AM TAKEN ZZO NO I WILL NOT LOVE YOU I CAN’T ANYWAY I ONLY JUZZT MET YOU!” and I tried to fly away but I felt a tug and saw what looked like a ring shaped stone. But how can a stone do this to me, it started to pull harder as I tried to break free. Akina saw me struggle and we both realized my major weakness in this form, magnets. I returned to normal and ran hoping Akina didn’t see me struggling with the magnet, after I ran for long enough I returned to my energy form to freely fly back to the cave. I landed just outside the entrance and Iuza ran out with a spear ready to attack me. “WAIT BROTHER, PLEASE DON’T HURT MY FISHY!” Sharky yelled as she ran and pounce at Iuza to knock him down so he can’t hurt me, Horrah floated along too and was really surprised to see me back to normal he said, “Zohrra, is that really you. But how?”

“Well I am a fighter, it wanted a fight so I gave it one and defeated it with pure light,” I replied.

“I knew my Fishy would be ok, brother said you would be gone forever but I just knew you was going to be back and here you are yay,” Sharky said as she got off Iuza and glomped me.

Iuza got up and realized I was back to normal “Sorry about what I did when you got back here, I didn’t think you would survive that creature taking you over. Horrah told me everything while you was gone” he said as he hugged me.

“It’s ok, I understand so don’t worry about it,” I replied.

For the next few days nothing special happened I went between Hyrule and Earth to keep in touch with Dr. Zachary and get some stuff to sell in the market, and tried to find a place to live. There was one problem though, Akina. She seemed to be a stalker, everywhere I go she was there too, I always kept Deku nuts with me when heading to earth, just incase Akina decides to follow me to the Temple of Time that would be a bad thing. I can’t let her see Earth, if she decided to look around outside the lab the media would want to ruin Dr. Zachary. I can’t let something bad happen to someone as nice as him.

One morning I woke up early, I looked around and saw it was a beautiful day just right for a wake up flight, I even had a thought, “maybe transforming my body into pure electricity will make a good wake up method” after that I became Energy Zohrra and went for a morning flight. It was awesome the sunrise gave a great lighting effect to the beautiful fields of Hyrule, it was so fun but started getting closer to day so I headed back to the cave.

I was almost there when I felt a tug, the strange thing was the tug was familiar. It was...... a magnet I looked down at where the tug came from and saw Akina there holding her hand up towards me, she said, “good morning my sparky friend, what do you think of my new ring?” I replied with, “huh why are you wearing that and where did you find it?”

“I’m wearing this ugly thing because it can keep us together and I found it in the place you did hehehe,” she replied

I could see she was quite smart, she understood my weakness the moment I found it out. I fly down and returned to normal but landed flat on the ground. “You need to work on your landing hehehe,” she laughed. I was getting impatient, “HORRAH A LITTLE HELP OUT HERE PLEASE!” I yelled into the cave and soon after the shadow being that was Horrah came out “she won’t leave me alone,” I told Horrah. “eww what is that freaky thing!?” she said pointing at Horrah who just grabbed her, pushed her into a shadow for a few seconds and pulled his hand out without Akina. He then said, “who exactly was that?”

I replied, “she goes by Akina, by the way what did you do to her?”

“I just teleported her to the lake,” Horrah replied

“hehehe good work Horrah, that should keep her away for a while,” I said happily

Chapter 14: Akina doesn’t give up

For the next few days Akina became worse, I couldn’t go anywhere with being attacked by her. It was driving me insane, she wanted me more that anything, she was always using that ring, I did so many things to stop her. I even turned her into energy and pushed her in the ground once, she somehow always got out. I wanted to attack her but that would be stopped by her ring, every time I touched it she seemed to have more power. She could use it like the magnetic gloves from Seasons, she could pull herself to metal and pull metal to her.

As the days went on she seemed to become bitter towards me, she seemed to forget she had a crush on me. Now she seemed to be getting the want to crush me, I was worried that she might do something that would hurt someone.

One day while running from her I ended up meeting Kuyeu_Uba and like always he wanted to attack me. “I don’t have time for this,” I said a little frustrated “then this is perfect timing, I can destroy you with a lot more ease if you are unfocused,” he replied,

“Who is this guy?... he’s kinda cool in a mysterious way” Akina said

“Um... who is your friend freak?” Kuyeu_Uba asked

“I’m Akina and Sparky is not my friend, I liked him but now I’m starting to think chasing him is not worth it, plus I bet you are cuter. Um what’s your name by the way?” Akina asked

“Kuyeuba is my name,” he answered

While they were talking I was trying to think of a way to escape, the problem was either form would fail. If I just run Kuyeuba will stop  me with his plants, if I try and use my energy form to fly away Akina’s ring will pull me to it. So either way I’m doomed but I just remembered one thing. Deku nuts, because of Akina but one problem with that, they are plants Kuyeuba could turn them against me. Then I remembered my new attack, the ultra bright light I got ready to use it and did it just enough to blind them for a minute. I ran until out of Akina’s range and flew from there.

Chapter 15: He is a Goron: The Story of Jordan

Now for a while we lived a regular Hyrulian life, it was boring after the amount of action we had Dr. Zachary had become Robotic Zora or RZ for short, I still call him Dr. Zachary though, he had an assistant, she is nice still getting used to me oh and Horrah decided to live with Dr. Zachary, he said “I am going to stay with your friend in the other world, we are both outcasts now so we will get a long well. So it was back to me, Iuza and Sharky. There was never any action for a while, just the same thing day in, day out. One day things got fun again though, don’t worry I will tell you why hehehe.

Horrah was back in Hyrule for some reason, he told me to go with him to the lab so I did, once there Dr. Zachary explained what he saw on the news. He said, “you know how you became Hyrulian for no reason, well there has been another Hyrulian transformation”

“Hmm, please explain,” I replied

“Well on the news was a story about a kid who became a Goron,” Dr. Zachary continued

“Wait, last time we talked you knew hardly anything of Hyrule, where did you learn this stuff?” I asked

Horrah then said, “well if he is going to help you he needs the info, so I told him everything”

“Oh ok, well what is so urgent about this Goron?” I asked

“He was found by some scientists who aren’t as caring as me, they are gonna cut this guy up now. I asked Horrah to get you so you can rescue this guy, first take him to his home and let him decide what to do, if he wants to go to Hyrule bring him here. You must hurry though, they are gonna kill him noon tomorrow,” Dr Zachary gave me a watch like thing that had a big screen for a watch, it had what I had to do and how to do it on the screen. “Thanks, I will do my best to save the poor Goron,” I said as I turned to energy and headed off to the other lab.”

Once I was there I saw how big they were making it seem, they had a public entry area. If I went there I would be caught which at first seemed a bad thing, I thought about it and realized two  new creatures are better than one.

I ran right up to a guard at the private entrance and made sure I was caught, he took me inside and right to the Goron.

“Wow a Zora I thought I was the only thing from LOZ to be real,” the Goron said

“The whole world of Hyrule exists, I went through the thing you are going through now, I was just lucky to be taken by a scientist who had a heart and just wanted to be my friend,” I replied

“OMG are you serious Hyrule is a real place?” he asked

“Yes I live there now, oh by the way I’m Zohrra. What’s your name?” I replied

“Oh right I’m Jordan. Hmm ya know you seemed to want to be taken here, you let the guards take you right here without even struggling, why did you give in like that?” Jordan asked

“Well I’m here on a mission, I came here to give you a choice, you can eith.e...” I said until I was interrupted

“Ooooh is this like Matrix?” He asked with a huge grin

“kinda, before you ask, we are awake in the real world right now. Hyrule and Earth are as real as each other, I’m here to offer you a chance to go to Hyrule or stay here on Earth as a Goron and live a strange unique life. So what’s your choice?” I explained

“I will go to Hyrule with you, it’s the only way I can live a normal life,” he said after thinking about it for a few minutes

“Ok then take my hand,” I said holding out my hand

Jordan put his huge hand in mine and I transformed with him. Just that moment someone opened the door so I flew out and headed to Jordan’s house. His parents were inside, they were sad I took Jordan down and his parents saw us.

“Don’t be zzcared I am only here to help your zzon,” I said just before I turned back to normal with Jordan. His parents got up and hugged him

“Jordan we missed you so much,” his mother cried

“We thought they were going to kill you,” his dad said

“I am here to give your son a choice, he can stay here with you and have a hard and dangerous life. Or he can come with me and live in the world I came from” I said looking at the happy family reunion.

“I want to go with him,” said Jordan

“Sorry but you are staying here,” said his father

“Um sir I don’t think it’s safe for him to be here, he will be wanted by the whole science community. I mean I went to a lab to save him, I don’t think he will last here” I explained

“This guy has a point and Jordan wants to go with him, I think we should let him,” said his mother

“If you want, I could try and get you a place to stay at the lab . It has a lot of rooms for living in,” I said to them hoping they would let Jordan come to Hyrule


“ok you need to choose now, you are parents if you want the best for your son hold onto me now” I said getting ready to take the family to the lab when suddenly Horrah came out of the ground and said, “no time for flight, they have magnets out there. They must realize some of the truth, everyone don’t move and I will get us all to safety” then he opened a shadow under everyone in the room and suddenly we are all in the lab. There was a TV on and the house I was just at was on the news, the police had just knocked the door down when Dr. Zachary turned it off. “Nice work Zohrra, you may have destroyed some things in the process, but you saved the Goron and his family. If I find any more of this happening I will let you know,” said Dr. Zachary

“Ok, I will introduce Jordan to Hyrule,” I said as I went and started up the Portal

“Yay I’m going to Hyrule wootage!” said Jordan

“Right this way,” I said pointing at the shine of the light on the floor. It’s a bit crazy at first but if you pass through it enough it won’t feel bad at all,” I said as I stepped into the light and appeared in the Temple of Time and stepped away from the light to wait for Jordan. I saw him form in the circle and greeted him “welcome to Hyrule,” I said.
Is this the end of the Darkness? I'll let you find out as I post if you really want to know you have to note me fore the spoiler.
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