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This is the story of how I, Valour Jones became Zohrra Ka. It all started when I was your average non-conformist sixteen year old boy, my life, I lived in a basic house with a good family I spent most of my time online with Sharky who was my best friend EVER. Well one day I was off school for a trip to the dentist but nothing important happened there but what happened after changed my life forever.

Chapter 1: A day off School.

It was a nice day plus a day off school on a day when there is a lesson I don't like so I thought that nothing could go wrong but I was wrong. I went to the dentist on the bus but on the way home I walked and these two guys on bikes started chasing me I got this burst of energy I was doing so well I saw the corner I had to take to go home, but I didn't reach it, well I would have but I tripped up and they caught up with me I was scared, they were getting off their bikes I raised my arm in defense and next thing I knew there is a flash of light from my hand and the two who were chasing me fell to the ground this was the end of Valour and the beginning of Zohrra.

I started walking home I felt weird my hand was tingling. Later that night I tried to work out what was going on I tried to do what I did again, but nothing happened so I just went to sleep. I had a dream about me being Zohrra, in the dream there were these people chasing me I think they were trying to capture me or something they caught me and I woke up with fear of what might happen next, I checked the time it was about six AM so I got ready for school, my skin felt funny I don't know how to describe exactly how it felt but it was unusual and my throat felt strange and my sides were killing me but I ignored it and waited for the car to take me to school. It was just another average school day at first but at lunch break someone tried to start a fight with me, I am against fighting I always go for defensive moves I kept my mind focused on defending but they broke through my strategy and what happened with the bikers happened again but this time I realized what the light was it was electricity everything just started making sense my skin felt weird because it was becoming scales, my throat felt funny and my sides hurt because I was getting gills and the electricity was a power that Zohrra has I suddenly realized Valour was soon going to no longer exist instead I was going to be Zohrra. My whole body starting hurting for some reason I fell to the ground in pain everything went black.

Chapter 2: New life with Dr. Zachary

I woke up in the nurses room I looked at my hand and it was blue, then I heard someone coming but it was not someone from the school it was a man he looked like a doctor he was talking to the nurse, I tried to talk but I was to weak to he was talking about taking me away I was worried. He took me to a van and drove away I was wearing school pants but I didn't have my shirt any more, my feet were hurting so I took my shoes and socks off the doctor was in the front of the van but he wasn't driving the driver said, "so Dr. Zachary is the creature in the back more research on that window you found?"
"Please call me Robert and one that thing in the back was a student at the school we got him from and two it' s not a window it's a portal to another world we just can't get it to work so we can pass through between worlds"
"Oh ok well we are getting close to the lab"
"Ok I hope this kid is what we need to get the portal working properly so we can do more than look at that world"

The Van  parked and Dr. Zachary opened the back of the van and took me to the lab I was worried why I was here but it was pretty cool we got to his room and he showed me the portal he talked about on the way here " this is why I need you, this is a portal to another world but right now you can only see it but you can't actually go to it but you can super charge it,"  said Dr. Zachary

"Yeah well, not to sound rude but what do I get if I help you?"

"Well you get a place to stay here with anything you want but you must help me when I ask so what do you say?"

"Ok I just need to figure out how to use my power without someone attacking me then I will super charge your machine"

"I thought that would be a problem we have a device to raise your ability but you may become unstable from the boost"
"So I become more powerful and am able to help you, but I become unstable could you explain what you mean by unstable"

"Well nothing physical, your electrical powers will become unstable but easy to control them still"

"Ok I will give it a shot but you must make a promise to me, the world this thing goes to, it's called Hyrule, I want you to promise me you will never interfere with this world in any way at all so no advancing their technology, no taking people from there to here, or telling them of this world and the most important rule I want you to never ever, ever take the Triforce. The only way I will work for you is if you keep the promise and you said you need me to continue your research on this thing"

"Ok but that would end years of research"

"That's where I come in I am a Zora I will fit in well in Hyrule but you look to different to fit in there sorry but it's the truth"

"Ok I will keep your promise now come here,"  said Dr Zachary as he walked over to a machine big enough for me to fit in "this machine will boost your powers enough
to be used at will, but over using them will make you tired and you need to focus or you will release to much at once"  "Ok,"  I said as I stepped into the machine.
Dr Zachary turned it on and I passed out from whatever it was doing to me. Next thing I know is I'm in a bed in a plain room, the door opened and Dr Zachary came in "oh you're awake now,"  he said

"Where am I?"

"This is your room at the lab it's plain right now but that's because you can decide how it will look"

"Ok. Wait what happened to your arm?"

"Oh well after you passed out in the machine the control panel exploded and my arm was destroyed in the process"

"Wow I feel bad since it's kinda my fault sorry"

"Don't worry I have been working on robotic limbs and me and my colleagues have almost finished a prototype arm now I'm the perfect test subject for it"

"Ok glad you have a back up plan so, anyway did the machine work?"

"don't know all I know is I'm glad it didn't hurt you to much, I would feel terrible to have permanently damaged a colleague or even worse"

"Then we do should test to find out"

"Ok let's see if it can take you too Hyrule,"  Said Dr. Zachary as he left and I followed.

Chapter 3: The Temple of Time.

We went to the room the portal was in I got a better look at it, it was a huge slab of stone with a large glass circle near the top, above that was something written in Hylian underneath the circle was a Y shaped design that had wires hooking it up to a metal frame, on the frame was a computer Dr. Zachary went up to it and activated a light behind the portal and the glass became a window to Hyrule.

Dr. Zachary said, "Ok now you have to supercharge it, ok focus on your inner energy and let it out"  I did what he said and a shock hopped from me, I held a metal stick and tried harder and I sent a huge jolt through it. The portal started glowing and Dr. Zachary said, "YES, YOU DID IT YOU HAVE TAKEN MY RESEARCH A STEP FURTHER!"

"Glad to have helped so shall I try it out?

"Only if you feel ready to go there if not you can go rest or something"

"Well I feel ready so I will go"

"Ok it says you have to step into the light"

"Here goes nothing,"  I said as I stepped into the light.

Suddenly there was a flash and next thing I know I'm in the center of a spinning room, it slowed down and stopped I looked around the room looked amazing but all I cared about was checking out Hyrule.
Well I've been writing a fanfiction for a while now this is the 3rd rewrite of it I decided to finally share some of it I will add more later so just be patient if you want to see the rest.
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ozzy64zk Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2009  Student General Artist
so wheres the next one :)
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jk jk XD
1337ph234k Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2007
Awsome, so that is how it happened!
jsburgh Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2007  Student Filmographer
I should write a fan fiction about how I became a zora...

once I become one
Zohrra Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2007
I would like to read it, >_> when you write it I mean.
yamicool Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2007  Professional General Artist
tis great so far ^^
Zohrra Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2007
Thanks, and this is just the preview there is a lot more to come. ^--,^
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woaaahh.. man your good at writting pluss this has explained a lot of questions. thnx for posting this mate ^^
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Zohrra Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007
Glad you enjoyed the Preview even though you know it already hehehe.
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